So, how did Yanet Garcia became so popular? Let's start from the very beginning. If you follow social media trends, you surely know her. And most probably, in 2023 she can double her earnings!


Why is Yanet Garcia model that popular? International business: competing in the global marketplace
Yanet Garcia reveals details of her star biography

Yanet Garcia with ex Douglas Martin 

In 2017, the lovers starred together in the sci-fi film Shark Tornado 5. A year later, it was revealed that they were splitting up. The presenter didn't comment on it and simply wrote that her heart was broken. Douglas set the record straight. Speaking to his followers, he explained that he could no longer combine his career and personal life.

Yanet Garcia with Lewis Howes

In 2019, the beauty started posting photos together with 37-year-old entrepreneur and former US national handball team member Lewis Howes. The couple's relationship has been going on for over a year now and who knows, it might end up in a wedding. 

Workout secrets, height and photos of Yanet Garcia

To stay in shape, Yanet devotes 3-4 times a week from 1 to 1.5 hours to workout at home or in the gym. Janet periodically changes the exercises and increases the level of difficulty, so that muscles don't get used to strain and so that progress can be seen. For her abs the presenter prefers doing curls, and for the hips and buttocks squats and leg lifts.

She eats mostly protein and fresh vegetables, and has completely avoided sweets. But as she is a fan of Italian and Mexican cuisine, she sometimes lets herself go off the beaten track, but she works it off at the gym. Massage, whether full body or anti-cellulite, can also help keep skin supple.

It is believed that the TV star's large buttocks are the result of gluteoplasties - surgery to place special implants - but Yanet denies this.

Interesting facts about Yanet Garcia: fake plum, favourite spitz and hobby 

The presenter is often referred to as the Mexican Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian. In the fall of 2019, it was reported that hackers hacked Yanet García's internet and found candid photos and videos of her: (Yanet Garcia) The hack did happen, and the cybercriminals even posted a fake post on Yanet behalf. But the photo had been manipulated and the link led to a page where users had had their details stolen. The girl contacted the internetm's tech support, regained her access and posted the source of the allegedly candid photo: in fact, it showed her in her underwear.

She is passionate about self-improvement and reads a lot of literature on the subject. Yanet Garcia loves animals, so she has a white mini spitz Mamacita at home. She has an Instagram account for her pet, which has about 17,000 followers.

Relationship with men

In mid-2017, the couple starred in the Shark Tornado 5 franchise. This film was a sequel to the once popular comedy film. This time, it failed to achieve the desired result, as critics and audiences assessed the storyline negatively. But the TV presenter's film experience was very much to her liking. In 2018, it was reliably revealed to the press that Douglas Martin and Yanet Garcia had broken up. The TV presenter's former lover said that the main reason for their break-up was that he could not fully combine his personal life with his beloved work. The man announced the end of his relationship with Janet to his fans in a tweet while he was preparing for the Call of Duty tournament. As a result, Douglas even recorded a video to that effect on YouTube, and the famous TV host refused to answer journalists' questions about the reason why her boyfriend dumped her. Janet Garcia simply left a short post on her Instagram page about how her heart is now broken.