UI and UX - many of you have already heard of these concepts. But what really lies behind these abbreviations in English and are they as simple as they seem?


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UI and UX - many of you have already heard of these concepts

To begin with, comparing them with each other is not that difficult, it is impossible, and even not correct. These are two completely different concepts that must be considered separately, without pouring soup and compote into one pot. Hardly anyone would want to taste such a dish, right? Let's find out what do the best UI/UX design agency Chicago experts think about it.

At the same time, both of these elements are critical to the end result and cannot exist without each other. In general terms, UX Design or User Experience Design is an analytical and technical area of ​​development, while UI Design or User Interface Design is what we sometimes mistakenly refer to as graphic design. Although, in fact, everything is much more complicated.

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Let's imagine that our future product is a house. The foundation, frame, supports and beams in it are the program code that gives it structure and does not allow it to fall apart. Walls, rooms, doorways and window openings are a measurement of UX, optimizing a space for the most comfortable use. And User Interface is already wall decoration, laminate or tile, everything that creates the appearance of our house and its comfort for users.

So UI and UX are areas of design that cannot be mixed together, but that cannot exist without each other. A great product starts with UX, followed by UI. Let's figure out what each of them is.

UX makes the interface useful

User experience is the process of identifying user problems and solving those problems in order to increase their satisfaction. Improved usability, ease of use and customer satisfaction while interacting with a product determine the quality and relevance of this product.

You don't really notice the result of a UX designer as long as everything works well. But if, while working with a product, you start to ask the question “What should I do next to solve my problem?”, Then you have got a bad UX.

According to the interviewed UX agencies in Chicago, user experience is a real science, akin to architecture or psychology. It is based on user group research, information architecture, usability, and content strategy. As a result of combining these components, a solution to goals and objectives is obtained in the way that makes the most sense for a person using a particular function. A UX designer is a helper for the user. He will listen and understand all the problems of the client better than any psychologist, create the most favorable conditions for achieving the goals set for the design.

In fact, UX design problems are subjective, as they are often associated with an individual perception of a product or service, so one problem can have many solutions. The designer's goal is to choose the best option that suits the maximum number of users.