I am a programmer, I constantly follow novelties in the computer equipment market and I love experiments. I usually work on a laptop, but one screen is not enough for me.


Vertical Computer Monitor International business: competing in the global marketplace
2022 Vertical Computer Monitor - how to choose?

We need a second and more - too much information should be before our eyes.

About five years ago I decided to buy a new large monitor. There were four main criteria for selection: a reliable manufacturer, accurate color reproduction without distortion and the presence of natural white color (all color nuances are important for working with sites), a screen size of 27 inches, and a 90 ° rotation function. The question of price was not so fundamental, I was ready to pay for a quality product. I studied various models and user reviews for a long time and eventually settled on the Dell U2713HM Vertical Computer Monitor.

Vertical Computer Monitor

After a few days of working with the new monitor, I realized that everything is excellent in it, except for the swivel mechanism. And the point is not in this particular model, but in the fact that the function turned out to be completely inconvenient for me.

I planned to open the code editor in portrait mode and write programs so that as many lines of code as possible were on one screen.

Monitors suitable for vertical operation

I don’t like the proportions of modern screens, they are too narrow, which is especially noticeable on small laptop screens, but I don’t see the point in flipping them.

It is more convenient to look to the left because of the structure of the eyes - a person has a greater view in width than in height. Add to this the change in color on most modern monitors that occurs when viewing the screen from different angles.

Plus, as a person working with graphics and the web, I very often need to open two windows. But this is the cost of the profession. In general, widescreen is most convenient for designers. Since I have toolbars, a list of layers, a widget for working with fonts and other dregs on the sides, just a square work area remains in the center. But forcing it on others...

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