A high-priced model (about $1,500) that offers a range of premium features. These include high-detail scanning, real-time mapping, and target separation. A large 7-inch touch screen is used for control, it is possible to synchronize with a smartphone and other devices for transmitting or receiving data, maps, routes and points set by the user.


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The best fish finders for winter fishing

Fishfinders for winter fishing must first of all withstand low temperatures, and the rest is secondary. Therefore, the power and resolution of such models is usually inferior to analogues. Battery reliability is desirable because some batteries may simply not perform well in cold temperatures, or may fail altogether. Such models usually have a lower viewing angle: https://emergesocial.net/best-fish-finder/ is a good reference.

IMPORTANT! It is best to take universal models, since manufacturers never focus specifically on winter fishing, and in terms of quality such models are often inferior to universal counterparts.

Garmin STRIKER 4

A transom-mounted fish finder with a dual beam transducer that delivers high power of 1600 watts and a depth of up to 487 meters. Even considering that such a result can only be achieved under ideal conditions, these are still the highest parameters in this TOP. In addition, it can be replaced with an even more powerful one. Perhaps the best fish finder for winter fishing, at least in the middle price segment.


  • screen - color, 3.5 inches;
  • screen resolution - 320 × 480;
  • scanning depth - up to 487 m;
  • two beams;
  • peak power - 1600 W;
  • fastening type - stationary;
  • mains supply 12 V.


  • Availability of GPS.
  • Clear display.
  • The device does not slow down.
  • Map drawing.
  • Small consumption.


  • Sometimes it does not show the speed after starting.
  • Fish is not entirely accurate and too optimistic.

I glued the sensor to the sealant in the recess of an aluminum boat (AMG5M), at shallow depths the readings often go astray, but I sin on my crooked hands.

See Wiki article Wikipedia: Fish finder as well.