Edwards was born in Luton, England and spent his early years there before moving to Acton, West London where he lived with his mother Brenda Edwards, stepfather Patrick and younger sister Tanisha.


Jamal Edwards Net Worth International business: competing in the global marketplace
In addition to his online platform, Edwards has released a collection of headwear on Topman (his former job) with American Freshman.

What was Jamal Edwards net worth?

During his life and career Jamal has amassed an enormous wealth of 8 million pounds. Hence, Jamal Edwards Net Worth could have been now about $10 million.
He was just a teenager when he launched the SBTV youth film broadcasting and production channel to upload clips he had recorded of his friends performing on his estate in Acton, west London.
The streaming site, which Jamal started in 2006, quickly took off and went on to launch the careers of some of the UK's biggest music groups including Stormzy and Rita Ora.

Speaking to PA after he was appointed MBE, he said he started SBTV to give a platform to his friends of him.
He added: "It was a frustration to go to school and everyone was talking about 'how we get our videos on MTV'.
“YouTube was like a year old. I was like 'I have a camera for Christmas, I'm going to start filming people and uploading it.'
"Everyone looked at me as 'what are you doing, like you can compete with these big clubs', but I think I was early enough to believe I could make a change."

How did Jamal Edwards make money?

Born on August 24, 1990, Jamal made his money by becoming a businessman, author, director and DJ.
As mentioned, he was the founder and CEO of the online music platform, SBTV, which stands for small business television.

This YouTube channel has over 1 million subscribers, so Jamal made money through advertising on the site.
He has also worked as a model for brands such as Hermès and launched his headwear collection with Topman, a shop he once worked in to save money for his music platform.
Jamal also released an e-book in 2013, titled Self Belief: The Vision: How To Be a Success on Your Own Terms.