Why is vape harmful to human health if there is no nicotine in its composition?


Is vape harmful to human health? International business: competing in the global marketplace
Propylene glycol is used in the production of household chemicals…

Proven harm

Manufacturers and any Vapour Store online claim that cigarettes use a completely safe substance similar to pure water vapor. But this is not the case. Let's try to find out why vape is harmful to human health by examining its composition.

Studies have shown that the aerosol contains nicotine (not always), glycerin, flavoring components, propylene glycol, acetaldehyde, formaldehyde and other carcinogenic (cancer-causing) substances.

Propylene glycol is used in the production of household chemicals. Once in the body, it affects the kidneys and brain, disrupting their functioning.

Natural nicotine in vapes has been replaced by chemical, which poses an even greater danger to the body.

Chemical substitutes include nicotine sulfate. It was previously used as a pesticide to kill agricultural pests and plant diseases, but was banned due to its toxicity.

Why is vape harmful to human health if there is no nicotine in its composition? The fragrances in the aerosol penetrate the lungs and damage them at the cellular level. The impact has a cumulative effect and, over time, provokes the development of pneumonia, asthma, congestive cardiovascular failure. In addition, even pure steam, constantly acting on the mucous membranes, causes severe harm to them.

Passive smoking

WHO warns that people who are near vapers are also exposed to the negative effects of smoking aerosols. True, the extent of the harm has not yet been studied.

Explosion risk

In the world, including the UK, several incidents have been recorded when an electronic cigarette exploded in the mouth of a smoker.

As a result of the explosion, a 57-year-old Florida resident was left without a tongue, a 17-year-old Moscow schoolboy had his teeth knocked out, his lips and jaws rotated: he had to insert teeth and undergo plastic surgery. But these smokers were still "lucky": a 24-year-old American was killed by smoking - the vape burst and severed the carotid artery.

Strong allergen

When using a vape, the coil heats up, as a result of which the smoking composition begins to emit steam. However, some substances (for example, propylene glycol) can irritate the respiratory tract, provoking allergic reactions. In mild cases, the smoker suffers from sneezing, coughing and rashes, and in severe cases, anaphylactic shock and even death are possible.

Lack of control

Nobody controls the production, import, sale and use of vapes. Therefore, it is impossible to find out the exact composition of the aerosol and the dosage of the components. Even if the package indicates that there is no nicotine or its content is low, there is no guarantee that this is true.

Will vaping help you quit smoking?

Many people buy electronic cigarettes to quit smoking cigarettes and eventually quit smoking altogether. But this is just a myth. First of all, vapes themselves are the cause of nicotine addiction, albeit less pronounced. In addition, the majority of smokers, even after a year, continue to smoke regular cigarettes along with electronic cigarettes.