Digital technology has made it possible to equip the soundbar with an audio playback analysis function. This ensures maximum quality. Another option is game mode. Any crosstalk that occurs is quickly eliminated, so users can maximize the sound quality.


Bose soundbar 500 vs 700 International business: competing in the global marketplace
2022 Bose soundbar 500 vs 700 - chosing the best

Premium models support two of the most advanced audio formats: Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. They are just beginning to be used in cinemas, and not even in all of them yet. The main feature (ref.: is that they add sound from above. That is, during the flights of the aircraft, the feeling will be created that it really flies over the viewer.

Inside the soundbar

Inside the soundbar there are from two to ten (and sometimes more) speakers. They are directed in different directions to create a surround sound effect. At the same time, resource-intensive algorithms and calculations are used, so the sound processor is necessarily built into the soundbar, which is responsible for all the “magic”. Many models come with a special application that will help calibrate the device.

It is also worth noting such an offshoot in the design of soundbars as soundbases. You can recognize them by a narrower, but elongated body. So it’s convenient to put a TV on them, hence the “base” in the name. Due to the larger case, larger speakers are built into them, which favorably affects the sound quality. Often a subwoofer is not even included in the kit, because it is built into the device. Thus, soundbases can be more comfortable and better in sound quality. However, soundbars work better with stereo and surround sound due to the wider cabinet, which allows the speakers to be placed farther apart.

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