For many, the very idea of ​​infrared radiation is something of a mystery and people do not understand why it is needed in the grill at all?


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The infrared burner is designed primarily for steaks, which are more juicy with it. That is why manufacturers who use it in their grills often say in advertisements that with the purchase of their grill you will get steaks, just like in real steakhouses. It really is.


A ceramic infrared burner consists of many very small holes through which tiny tongues of flame erupt evenly. They create a very high temperature on the ceramic surface, which can rise up to 800-900 °C. No need to be scared, the temperature on the grill is much lower, the steak will not burn instantly.

An infrared burner cooks differently than traditional gas burners, which heat the environment in the oven, which in turn heats the food. The bottom line is this: a piece of meat is surrounded by a layer that consists of air and water molecules. The hot air that is generated by traditional tube burners cannot penetrate this boundary without breaking it, so the meat is dried out. And the infrared burner, as it were, "seals" the steak under this moisture limit. In short, infrared rays do not heat the air, but the meat, passing through its moist shell.

Infrared energy does not violate this boundary and the meat retains 35% more juiciness than meat cooked on classic burners.

The infrared burner is also well suited for quick, high-temperature wok-cooking of Asian dishes; to heat up food. It is possible to cook on it in cast-iron or steel dishes with a thick bottom, the main thing is that the handles are not plastic or wooden, otherwise they will be damaged.

Some models of grills have a rear infrared spit burner - also an interesting solution if you like to cook on a spit.

Advantages of grills with infrared burners:

  • Fast heat-up: the grill can be ready to cook on the infrared burner in 3-5 minutes after it is ignited. The quick cooking that an infrared burner provides allows you to grill more often, as there is not always time or energy for long recipes, for example, after a busy day or week at work.
  • The infrared burner provides a more even distribution of heat over the entire work surface, reducing the likelihood of hot and cold spots.
  • Infrared grilling allows you to keep up to 35% more juiciness in ingredients compared to classic burners, which makes food tastier and more tender.
  • The infrared burner can heat up to very high temperatures (Napoleon, for example, ceramic parts can heat up to 980 ° C, while on the surface of the grate the temperature range can be in the range of 300-500 ° C), resulting in delicious restaurant-grade steaks.
  • Energy Efficient: The infrared burner uses less gas than traditional gas burners.
  • Easy cleaning. After cooking, simply turn on the burner to maximum, leave it for a while, and it will turn dirt or pieces of food into ashes.

Napoleon Prestige PRO Series

The best gas grills under 500 from the Prestige series with the PRO index are the technological and design excellence of the Napoleon brand. They occupy a special position in the grill market. The PRO line is represented by three models: Prestige PRO-500, Prestige PRO-665 and the exclusive Prestige PRO-825.

Prestige PRO grills are very well thought-out devices that show serious results in cooking. The main thing is to treat the grill not as an apparatus that has to do everything by itself (someone might think that way after seeing its cost). Cook different dishes on it three or four times, try to feel it, establish interaction, immerse yourself in the process, and it will give true pleasure.

These grills use all the best that the brand has. First of all, it is necessary to note the design. From head to toe, every inch of the grill is meticulously crafted. All elements of the grill seem to flow one into another, harmoniously complementing each other. The combination of chrome elements with brushed steel elements creates a special chic. These grills use massive 304 steel, which is used for making marine ships. It has a special wear resistance.

The lid of all three models is double-walled and the highest among all grills of the brand. The depth of the grating is also the greatest. Together, a large space in the oven, as we remember, gives a more uniform circulation of heat and is reflected in the cooking process.

The main steel grate made of massive 9.5 mm rod, a large auxiliary grate for heating, lighting in the oven, convenient burner control knobs, which also have their own absolutely amazing Safety Glow lighting. The handles glow in two glamorous colors: azure when the burner is not on, and soft red when the burner is on. The panel with handles is located at an angle, everything is intuitively clear on it.

For 2020, the pen illumination has been tweaked for finer color adjustments. If you press the button to turn on the backlight and do not release it, then the colors on the handles will change smoothly. The palette is wider, not only red and azure tone. As soon as the color you like lights up, release the button and it will lock. And from the bottom of the panel, the Napoleon logo will be projected onto the floor in front of the grill. All this functionality is also installed on larger models: Napoleon Prestige PRO-665 and PRO-825.

At the base of the grill is a cabinet, which also has a backlight inside; its doors with closers.

This whole composition, thought out to the smallest detail, looks stylish and expensive.

The grill of the Prestige PRO series emphasizes the privileged position of its owner. This is an expensive accessory that is available to a narrow circle, and your guests will pay special attention to it. Taking into account the fact that these grills are imported to Russia in limited quantities, they can be called exclusive. This is especially true for the Napoleon Prestige PRO-665 and PRO-825 models.

Prestige PRO can be categorized as something that people buy for themselves but are managed by others. Approximately like a luxury car: they buy for themselves, and the driver is always behind the wheel. But even if this is your option, we recommend that you at least occasionally “get behind the wheel” to cook a few delicacies. This is a very positive, interesting and exciting process.

To top it off, this grill comes with a lifetime warranty, which is saying a lot.