ELTRECO has been on the market since 2010. It was originally created for the maintenance of electrically driven equipment. To date, the lineup consists of electric bicycles, electric scooters and kits for electrification. MERIDA - production is located in Taiwan and is one of the largest bicycle manufacturers. A wide range of models contains many models for professionals and beginner riders.


Best ebikes under $2000 International business: competing in the global marketplace
2022 update: Choosing The Best ebikes under $2000

Kugoo V1 Jilong

  • wheel size: 14 inches;
  • maximum distance: 35 kilometers;
  • maximum speed: 40 kilometers per hour;
  • motor power: 400 W;
  • number of speeds: 1, entry-level transmission;
  • weight: 17 kilograms;
  • maximum load: 120 kilograms;
  • features: front headlight, optional child seat, folding handlebar, smartphone app.

One of the most compact and part-time most affordable electric bike to date, as is stated here https://digitalflip.co/gadgets/Best_electric_bike_under_2000/. Despite this, it has a well-welded aluminum frame, a powerful engine on the rear wheel, a considerable range, disc mechanical brakes and all the necessary accessories immediately included. The frame is one-piece, but small enough that after folding the handlebars and removing the saddle, the bike does not take up much space. Not without chips: the kit comes with a second child seat with a footrest, it is quite possible to put a child up to 7 years old on it - the maximum load allows.

The obvious compromises include one gear with which it will be difficult to drive into a long climb. As well as the lack of an assistant mode, when the engine helps while pedaling. Serious shortcomings stem from the low price, users note the low quality of bicycle components. In particular, the brake levers are not very reliable, and the mechanisms themselves require constant adjustment, the same goes for the quality of the pedals. It is also worth considering the lack of a stop signal. Both points are quite fixable after the purchase.

Elecric bicycles: the beginning

Public services around the world are already moving to electric bikes: Wisconsin police, for example, have followed the example of their Malaysian counterparts and patrol the city in new vehicles. Urban rental services like Velobike are emerging, but for electric bikes, these are bike-sharing networks that can be found in many major cities around the world. They allow you to rent an e-bike at one station and leave it in another part of the city so that someone else can use it.

Moreover, there are proposals to include e-bikes in the classification of the European Cycling Union (UEC) and add new disciplines to regular races and mountain biking competitions.

Let's try to "rewind" a bit and figure out how the electric bike has gone from an experimental invention to a popular attribute of life in a big city. Today we'll tell you:

  • who first modernized a classic bicycle;
  • why electric bikes were forgotten for almost 30 years;
  • and what helped them to come back and become a popular urban transport.

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