There are people who are very lucky to be born with a large inheritance. And there are those who work hard from an early age and, thanks to their determination, intelligence and resourcefulness, amass a fortune, which then grows into millions.


10 youngest millionaires in the world International business: competing in the global marketplace
Meet the youngest millionaires on the planet!

1. Ashley Qualls

Ashley Quals is the founder of, the idea for which dates back to 2004 when she was 14 years old. Even then, Ashley was fond of developing designs in a graphic illustrator. She created a platform where she could share the fruits of her passion. The site did not gain much popularity until she began to paint a variety of designs for MySpace. In 2007, the number of visits to Ashley's website was about a million users per day - see ITIL books for more details.

There was even a buyer who offered her a car and $ 1.5 million, but she refused. She did not have to regret it, as she subsequently earned $ 8 million.

Fun fact: She took out a $ 8 loan from her mother to build a website.

2. Juliet Brindac

At the age of 10, Juliet Brindak realized that she was very good at drawing different characters. When she turned 16, she wanted to showcase her sketches to the world and formed Miss O & Friends.

Her company is now valued at $ 15 million. However, the young millionaire makes most of his income from advertising.

3. Sean Belnik

At the age of 16, Sean Belnik came up with the idea of ​​creating an online store. With a start-up capital of just $ 600, he started selling small items like Pokémon cards to get familiar with the process. He soon switched to selling furniture and created the website. By the age of 20, he had earned approximately $ 24 million.

When Sean started his business, he was the first to sell furniture online. In 2014, his business made a profit of $ 42 million.

4. John Kuhn

When John Kuhn was 16 years old, he started Extreme Performance Motorsports, which supplied and sold auto parts and auto electronics from Asian countries (Business eBook for reference). His company has become one of the main providers of the TV show Cars for the Pumping on MTV. Through cooperation with the famous TV channel, John met the rapper Young JayZ. They created another company that started producing street denim clothing.

The young millionaire's businesses brought in $ 40 million in profits.

5. David and Catherine Cook

Brother and sister David and Catherine Cook became teenage millionaires by creating an online version of the traditional school yearbook,

6. Cameron Johnson

Cameron Johnson made his millions by creating, a site that paid people money to view an ad toolbar. It takes a decent amount of money to start such a profitable business, where did he get it?

When he was 11 years old, he started drawing greeting cards. Cameron turned out to be pretty good at it, and his hobby began to bring in the first thousand dollars. He invested this money not in toys, football tickets or clothing, but in starting his own business.

He started making $ 350,000 a month by becoming a millionaire back in high school.

7. Nick D'Aloisio

Nick started learning coding at the age of 12, and within 5 years he developed an app worth millions of dollars. It's worth $ 30 million to be exact! For his achievements in technology, he received the Apple Design Awards in 2014.

The young genius is now 20 years old and is studying computer science at Hartford College, Oxford University. We're willing to bet he's the only millionaire in his group.

8. Fraser Doherty

A Scottish businessman made and sold homemade jams when he was 14 years old. To start making good money from this, he used his grandmother's secret recipe. More on his story here: How money works PDF.

By the age of 16, he created a huge demand for jams using a secret recipe and calling his production SuperJam. He soon received an offer from a popular UK supermarket chain that offered to sell his products in all of their supermarkets. To produce enough jam, he took out a $ 9,000 loan from a local bank and was then able to repay it promptly.

9. Tyler Dickman

In eighth grade, Tyler Dickman began offering people computer repairs for $ 15 an hour. Merrill Lynch bank executives were impressed with Tyler's tenacity and ability and quickly realized that this guy was going to go far. Malcolm Taaffe offered the 15-year-old boy to work in their company, to which he, of course, agreed.

However, Tyler wanted to be king of his own empire, so he decided to start his own company called Cooltronics. He made $ 3.7 million in computer repairs.

10. Michael Dunlop

Teachers told Michael Dunlop that he would never be successful because he had dyslexia. Because of this, he had to drop out of high school.

Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he decided to take action and show that he is capable of something. He created a website called, where he gives business advice and makes millions.